Northwest Sherpa Association has been formed since 2003. The objective is to welcome and assist the newly arrived Sherpa friends and families and those already living in the Northwest by coordinating various social events.

In order to preserve and promote the declining culture, nature, monasteries and other monuments according to Sherpa community ancient traditional and languages and so on. The Northwest Sherpa Association was founded in 2003. Existence of the Association: the association will be one of the persistent authority bearing transferable association, non-profit making, non- political, autonomous. It will not take any fee, charge and consultancy beyond its objectives without any financial motive and it is only for social networking by coordinating various activities in the community. Beginning this association: After the registration to the concerned agency of the United States Government, the association will come into effect.


  • The name of this organization is "Northwest Sherpa Association".
  • The name of this organization in Sherpa is "Northwest Sherpa Kyidug”
  • It shall be also known by the acronym of "NWSA".


The mission of NWSA is to preserve and promote Sherpa language, religion, tradition, culture and unite all the Sherpas residing the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America including Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Vancouver B.C., Canada (hereinafter, “the Northwest Region.”).


The organization is non-profit, non-political, non-racial and is secular.


  • To promote and preserve the Sherpa language, religion, culture and traditions.
  • To establish network among Sherpa’s living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America.
  • To create and establish a Northwest Sherpa Cultural Center in Washington State.
  • To organize social, cultural, and religious events related to the Sherpa community.
  • To assist NWSA members and families that is in need according to the Executive Board decisions.


The following programs and activities will be implemented with a majority of the voters who are active members of the NWSA:

  • Sherpa New Year (Losar) celebration shall be held in late February/early March each year.
  • Summer activities such as picnics, camping, hiking and field trips.
  • Fundraising programs to support NWSA objectives.
  • Any events decided by NWSA executive committee.

NWSA website URL address:

NWSA E-mail address: [email protected]


Section 1. General Assembly. The General assembly shall consist of all the members of the Society 18 Years of age or above. Anyone, who has resided in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States of America and Vancouver, BC and having no criminal conviction including but not limited to forgery, misleading activities with any organization engaged in any criminal enterprise, shall not be eligible be a member of the NWSA. Any member found to have committed a crime shall immediately lose his/her membership. The absolute authority for decisions on all matters concerning NWSA shall ultimately rest with a two-thirds majority vote of members present at the General Assembly, unless otherwise mentioned in the other bylaws of this constitution.

Section 2. General Assembly Meeting. The General Secretary shall convene the General Assembly in consultation with the President and Vice President of the organization. The Assembly shall meet at least once every year. The Executive Committee shall inform all the members of NWSA at least thirty days prior to the date set for such meeting.

Section 3. Functions of General Assembly. The General assembly shall elect members of the Executive Committee at the General Assembly meeting. The assembly will hold a General election for the election of the Executive Committee once every three Years. The assembly shall establish general policies and programs, which shall be in the best interest of NWSA. The assembly shall hear and review reports from the appropriate officers and make necessary recommendations. At each annual assembly, the General Secretary shall present the annual report and the treasurer shall present an annual financial report. The General Assembly, by a two-thirds majority vote, has the ultimate right to cancel an existing membership or to deny membership, or cancel a membership of existing members of the Executive Committee or any advisors in the best interest of NWSA in its sole discretion. At least Ten (10) general members can request a special meeting of the General assembly, through a written and signed request submitted to the Secretary of NWSA, who shall comply with such request, within two months of the receipt of the request. The Executive Committee can also request a special meeting of the General Assembly.


Section 1. Number and Term. The number of Advisors may be adjusted in accordance with the objectives and goals of NWSA. However, the number of Advisors must be an odd number. The term of the Advisors shall be for three Years. The existing Executive Committee shall propose the existing or new persons for the Advisors to the General Assembly at the time of the new election every three years for its approval. However, the newly elected Executive Committee may, by a two-thirds majority vote, add new Advisors. The Executive Committee shall be responsible to seek the approval of any new Advisors by the next General Assembly meeting. The Committee must file the names of the new Advisors (and remove the names of those Advisors who have been so removed) with the office of the Secretary of State of Washington.

Section 2. Role of Advisors. The Executive Committee is responsible to propose the policies and programs of NWSA, in keeping with the established policies of the General Assembly under Article VIII section three of this Constitution. The Advisors, with its majority vote, will approve such policies and programs. In the event the Advisors returns such policies and programs to the Executive Committee for further changes, the Committee can again propose these policies and programs with changes to the Advisors for its approval.

Section 3. Qualifications for the Advisors. A candidate for Advisor must be interested in promoting the interest of NWSA by maintaining and furthering its social, cultural, educational and charitable activities. She/he must be 21 or above. The majority of the Advisors must be nominated among NWSA’s members. A person cannot hold position of Executive committee and be an Advisor at the same time.

Section 4. Removal of the Advisors. The Advisors, by its two-thirds majority, can remove any Advisor if it determines that she/he acted against the interest of NWSA or was involved in illegal activities. The Executive Committee must file the names of the new Advisors (and remove the names of those ousted Advisors) with the office of the Secretary of State of Washington. The Executive Committee can also recommend the removal of any Advisor if it found that she/he acted against the interest of NWSA or was involved in illegal activities. The Advisors shall decide the case at hand, and by its two-thirds majority, remove such Advisor. The Advisors shall inform the Executive Committee about the removal of the Advisor and the Committee shall be responsible to seek the approval of this removal in the next General Assembly meeting. The Executive Committee shall also be responsible to file the names of the ousted Advisors (and add the names of any new Advisors) with the office of the Secretary of State of Washington.


Section 1. Number and term. The Executive Committee shall have at least two Terms but the general assembly may extend the terms of the committee members as needed. Except as otherwise provided in sections 4 and 5 of this Article VIII, each Member shall serve on the Executive Committee for a period of three Years and is eligible to seek re-election.

Section 2. Positions.

  • President - 1 Person
  • Vice President - 1 Person
  • General Secretary - 1 Person
  • Secretary - 1 Person
  • Treasurer - 1 Person
  • Executive members - 4 Persons

Section 3. Duties and powers

President : The President shall preside over the General Assembly and shall preside over meetings of the Executive Committee; shall be responsible for implementing NWSA's policies and programs. The President shall also be the principal spokesperson for NWSA and shall exercise general supervision over the activities of the Society. The President may cast her/his vote only in case of a tie vote in meetings.

Vice President : In the absence or incapacity of the President, the Vice President shall assume the responsibilities of the President in presiding over the meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive committee.

General Secretary : The General Secretary shall be responsible to convene all meetings of the General Assembly and of the Executive Committee in consultation with the President. She/he shall be responsible maintaining a record of and maintain the minutes of the General Assembly, Executive Committee meetings and a register of the members and friends of the Organization in attendance. The General Secretary shall perform other duties as the Executive Committee may assign him/her from time to time. She/he shall be responsible for presentation of the annual report.

Treasurer : The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monetary concerns of the organization and shall keep a fair and accurate account of the income and expenditures. The Treasurer shall deposit in a designated bank, in the name of the Society, any and all money belonging to the NWSA. She/he shall prepare and maintain a budget and present the budget to the Executive Committee. With the approval of the Executive Committee, the Treasurer shall present the budget to the General Assembly for its approval and/or recommendations.

Executive members : The Executive Members shall have power to conduct the general affairs of the Society, to vote on policies and changes therein; to specify and conduct the work of the committee for the furtherance of its policies and objectives. She/he shall carry out any responsibilities given by the decision of the Executive Committee.

Section 4. Qualification of the Candidates. Any Sherpa who has resided in the State of Washington and has no criminal record or is shown to have not been involved in any illegal activities shall be eligible to be a candidate for any of the open Executive positions except for the office of President. For the post of President, the candidate has to have been a resident of Washington State for at least 6 months, must be an active member of NWSA in addition to the requirements listed above. However, she/he must be a member in good standing of NWSA to become eligible for the Executive Committee. The eligible age for the executive positions is 21 or above and the voting age is 18 or above. A person cannot hold the position of an Executive committee member and a Director at the same time.

Section 5: Removal of Executive Committee’s Members. The Advisors, by a two-thirds majority, shall have the power to remove any member of the Executive Committee if it found that she/he acted against the interest of NWSA or was involved in illegal activities. The Advisors shall seek the approval in the next General Assembly meeting after the removal of any member from the Executive Committee.


Section 1. Resignations. Any general member or member of the Executive Committee may resign with 1-month advance written notice delivered to the Executive Committee. The President and General Secretary, on behalf of the Executive Committee, may request the member to withdraw her/his resignation. Any Advisor may resign by giving a 1-month advance notice to the Advisors. The Advisors may request the Director to withdraw her/his resignation. Such resignation shall be delivered in writing, and shall take effect at the time specified at the time of its receipt.

Section 2. Disciplinary Action. If any general member or Executive Member or Advisors acts or their actions are found to be contrary to the best interest of NWSA, or if the authorized members/Advisors are found to have misused the funds of NWSA, she/he will be subject to immediate disciplinary action. If the Executive Committee finds any member acting against the interest of NWSA, it will send her/him a letter of warning requesting to stop acting against NWSA. In the event, after receiving a warning letter, if the member does not stop her/his actions against NWSA, the Executive Committee, by its two-thirds majority vote, will cancel her/his membership, subject to the approval of the General Assembly at the next scheduled meeting or by special meeting called pursuant to this Constitution. Upon approval of the General Assembly, she/he will no longer be eligible to receive any benefits from NWSA. If any Advisor is found guilty of acting against the interest of NWSA or misusing the NWSA’ funds, the Advisors, by its two-thirds majority vote, will cancel the membership of such Advisor, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee at the next meeting of the General Assembly. The person so removed will be required to make restitution of the misused funds unless by a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Committee, (in the case of a member), and a determination of the Advisors pursuant to this Constitution, (in the case of a Director), such restitution is exempted.

Section 3. Voluntary Membership Cancellation/Refund. Written request must be submitted for Membership cancellation prior to the expiration of 60 days after the date on which the membership is established and the membership fee is paid to the NWSA. After 60 days of membership (individual or lifetime) payments will not be refunded. The member seeking cancellation of his/her membership is required to present a written request to cancel the membership to prevent the individual from receiving further information related to NWSA. Otherwise individual are required to sign a membership cancellation statement to finalize his/her membership.

Section 4. Vacancies. If a vacancy occurs in the Executive Committee, excluding the post of President, the Executive Committee shall fill the vacancy from the General Membership for the remaining period. For President, it requires approval of a two-thirds majority of the general membership.

Section 5. Compensation. General Members or executive members or Advisors shall not receive any salary or compensation for their services.


Section 1. Meeting of the Executive Committee and Advisors. The Committee Members may call for meetings of the Executive committee at any time. The Advisors may hold meeting of the Advisors at any time upon calling of same. The General-secretary shall inform all the executive members of the meeting at least 7 days prior to the announced meeting date. Attendance by the members in each Executive Committee meeting and attendance by the Advisors in each Board meeting is mandatory unless they are excused prior to the meeting date by the respective committee or Board. If section three of this Article X applies, the members constituting a quorum in each Executive Committee meeting and the Advisors in each Board meeting shall reach the decision on issues for which the meeting was called upon.

Section 2. Place of Meetings. General Assembly and meetings of the Advisors and Executive Committee shall be held at the place specified in the notice of the meetings. Any meetings and events notification will be given in writing thirty (30) days in advance of such meeting.

Section 3. Quorum. The presence in person of two thirds of the number of general members or Executive members or Advisors shall constitute of a quorum of the transaction of business at any meeting.

Section 4. Voting. Each member shall have one vote. A two-thirds majority vote of the members present shall be necessary for exercising the powers of the General Assembly or the Advisors or the Executive Committee.

Section 5. Access to Meetings. All interested members will have access to the Executive Committee meeting or the Board meeting. However such members shall be observers only and shall not be permitted to speak, vote or attempt to influence the discussion or the decisions of the Committee or of the Board.


General Election will be held once every Three (3) calendar Years (December 1 through January 31) before Sherpa New-year. Any officer or executive member may seek and be re-elected for the same position.

Section 1. Date and Place. Two months prior to Sherpa New Year (February/March), notice shall be provided to all general members informing them via email the date on which open elections will be held.

Section 2. Election Committee. The Executive Committee shall establish an Election subcommittee of 2 persons selected from the general membership to hold the election according to the constitution. The Election subcommittee shall be dismissed after the new Executive Committee is formed.

Section 3. Nomination. The Election subcommittee shall seek nominations for the election from the general membership to fill all positions. Such nominations shall be made thirty (30) days prior to the date set for the election.

Section 4. Election procedure. If there is only one candidate for a position, the position will be automatically filled by the candidate. If there is more than one candidate, an election will be held to decide. Each member shall count for one vote. A written ballot will be used for to decide the winner of the election. A candidate will be declared elected if she/he secures at least one vote more than the votes won by the nearest rival candidate. In case of two candidates, the candidate that secures the most votes shall be declared the winner. In the case of a tie in the number of votes won, a second round of voting will be held between the two top candidates. If the tie still remains between these candidates, a drawing will be made to elect the candidate.


Section 1. Membership. General Membership is for anyone who is interested in fulfilling the NWSA’ s objectives and wants to attend Sherpa social, cultural and educational activities hosted by NWSA or learn more about the other important Sherpa events and language. The Northwest Sherpa Association welcomes members from all different races.

Section 2. Membership Fee.

  • Individual: $25
  • Immediate Family: $50 (includes spouse and children under 18 years)
  • Life Long Individual Membership $300 one time fee.
  • Life Long Family Membership $500 one time fee.

In addition to the membership fees, NWSA will accept and will appreciate the donations or other contributions from members that will enable NWSA to run various activities and events. The General membership fee may change by a two thirds majority vote of General Assembly of NWSA.

Section 3. Benefits of General Membership. General members will:

  • Have right to vote and run for election of Executive committee.
  • A reduced/discounted fee for NWSA’s various activities.
  • Opportunities to network with other members.
  • Receive advance notice of all the cultural events and NWSA activities.
  • Receive On-Line pertinent information.

Section 4. Enrollment period. The annual membership enrollment period is November and December of each calendar year. NWSA will send membership information to current and prospective members. If a current member does not subscribe with the payment of her/his annual membership by end of December of each calendar year, the membership will be automatically expire. A prospective member can pay his/her annual membership at any time of the year, but such membership payment will be valid only through the 1 st of January of the following year.


The President shall appoint at least three persons in consultation with the approval of the executive committee. Advisory board shall consist of nationally and internationally distinguished individuals who have demonstrated by the active interest or participation in the Society‘s program, that they would make a valuable contribution. The Executive Committee shall decide their functions and responsibilities.


Fiscal year of the organization shall be from January 1st to December 31st of the year.


Section 1. Publication Sub-Committee. Organization shall have a Publication Department. The Executive Committee will select an editorial board. The Editorial Board will be responsible for the day to day operation of the Publication Department and be responsible for the content of publications.

Section 2. Cultural Sub-Committee. The Executive Committee will select three members for the Cultural Sub-Committee. The Cultural Sub-Committee will be responsible for any events related to Culture; including Losar, Picnic, Camping and entertainment shows organized by NWSA.

Section 3. Language and Religion Sub-Committee. The Executive Committee will select three members for the Language and Religion Sub-Committee. The Language and Religion Sub-Committee will be responsible for any events related to Sherpa Language and Religion programs organized by NWSA in the Northwest Region.

Section 4. Northwest Sherpa Cultural Center Committee. To achieve the goal of Article IV, the Executive Committee will select seven members to serve on the Northwest Sherpa Cultural Center Committee hereafter called “NSCCC”. The Northwest Sherpa Cultural Center Committee will be responsible for fund raising, planning, supervision and day to day operation of Northwest Sherpa Cultural Center.

Section 4.1. Formation of Northwest Sherpa Cultural Center Committee . There will be seven members in the Northwest Sherpa Cultural Center Committee. The President, General Secretary and Treasurer are automatic members of the NSCCC. One (1) Chief Coordinator and Three (3) members will be nominated by the NWSA Executive Board from its active members.

Section 4.2. Northwest Sherpa Cultural Center Handbook. A separate detailed Northwest Sherpa Cultural Center Handbook will be prepared, produced and distributed by the Northwest Sherpa Cultural Center Committee. This Handbook will be effective only after the approval of General Assembly.

Section 4.3. Term of Committee and Sub-Committee. All sub-Committees will be coordinated by an executive member except for the chief coordination of the NSCCC. All aforementioned Sub-Committees and Committees must be formed within six month of the new executive committee’s formation and will be valid for three years.

Section 5. Chapter. The Headquarters of NWSA will be in Washington State. The other States listed in Article II: Preamble may and will be encouraged to open a Chapter in their State after obtaining written permission of NWSA Headquarter.


Source of financial support of the Society shall be membership fees, donations, fund raising parties and other activities. The Executive Committee shall determine all the fees for different activities. All the proceeds from different sources must be deposited into NWSA's bank account by the next official day. NWSA receipts will be provided for any and all financial contributions to NWSA.


Section 1. Expenses. No expenses can be made without the prior approval in writing of the Executive Committee. In case of urgency or emergency, Section 2 of this Article applies for the purpose of withdrawing money from the bank’s NWSA account for these types of expenses. However, these expenses must be approved in the Executive Committee meeting after the expenses occur.

Section 2. Authorized Signatures. No checks can be written or money withdrawn from the bank without being authorized by at least two members. The two authorized executive members shall be the President and Treasurer.

The priority order of the two authorized signatures will be as follows:

  • President and Treasurer
  • Vice President and treasurer

The above priority order must be followed and must not be skipped unless approval of proceeding orders.

Section 3. Auditing. The books of financial accounts of NWSA shall be reviewed on regular basis and audited annually by three members of the subcommittee established by the Executive Committee. The subcommittee will submit its report to the Executive Committee.

Section 4. Access to Accounts. Any member can file a written request to the Executive Committee to review the society's financial accounts. Such review shall occur during official NWSA published hours. However, such reviewing member shall not have authority to make any changes but may bring any issues to the attention of Executive Committee in writing if she/he finds any discrepancies in accounting.


Any or all of these Articles may be altered, amended or replaced by a two-thirds majority vote of the General Assembly presented at any regular or special General Assembly meeting called for that purpose.